We at SK PROJECTS and its sister firms have been involved in the construction industry for more than 20 years. Founded by Mr. Sanjay Kumar, SK PROJECTS provides services in Steel Fabrication & Erection, Post Installed Rebaring & Anchoring Services, Concrete Breaking, Coring, etc. Our staffs both new talents and with years of exprience are always ready for new & challenging projects.

Company History:

SK PROJECTS was started by Mr. Sanjay Kumar, who came to Delhi in search of job as a workman in the late 90s. He worked in few reputed construction companies and got vast experience in execution of Structural Steel Fabrication and Erection Works. He then left the service in the year 2000 and started a Mild Steel Fabrication business in his own name. Since then he has executed steel structure works in many big projects like Hero Plant, Suzuki Plant, Nestle Plant, etc.
SK PROJECTS along with its sister firms Ganpati Enterprises and Sanjana Enterprises has worked on 1000s of MTs of structural steel projects since then.

In the last decade we have expanded our field of work. Now we also provide services in Post Installed Rebaring & Anchoring, Concrete Breaking, Coring, Shed Making, etc.

Our Core Team

Sanjay Kumar
E: sanjay.kr@skprojects.co
Ph: +91-8825208355

Raj Sandilya
E: r.san@skprojects.co
Ph: +91-7982892311 

Saurav Kumar
E: saurav.kumar@skprojects.co
Ph: +91-7982816022

Shivam Kumar
E: shivam.kumar@skprojects.co
Ph: +91-9625420060

Ranjan Kumar Singh
E: ranjan.k.singh@skprojects.co
Ph: +91-8860816700


Quality Statement Policy:

We are committed to execute the work as per client requirement, deliver equal to or exceeding the specified requirements of the project. The general philosophy is to operate and maintain the system which provide documentary evidence that the work has been executed to the issued specification and if any deviation has been made that has been recorded and approved.

SK PROJECTS with it's sister firm GANPATI ENTERPRISES is committed to apply total quality management systems within its execution to meet the requirements of the Client as described below:

Safety Policy:

We at SK PROJECTS maintain and observe a rigorous safety program. The company has not incurred a single loss of man hours due to accidents during the entire period of its operation till now. Safety standards are always upheld. Protective clothing is issued, and its use is made compulsory. In addition, any safety regulation applicable on its various sites is fully complied with and enforced. The company lives by its standards: Safety promotes awareness, prevents accidents and improves performance. It is our objective and requirement for the project which are set out below:


     1.) Zero accidents.

2.) Zero environmental incident.

3.) All activities to be carried out in accordance with the standard safety working practice and procedures.

4.) All employees and contractor’s visitors assigned to the project are responsible for their own safety and for those around them.

5.) Where specific risks have been identified, the site in-charge will formally evaluate the risk providing assessment ensuring that these constraints are effectively communicated to all personnel executing the work.

6.) In the event of any accident prompt action will be taken in addressing the situation.

7.) Regular safety toolbox meetings will be held with the workforce.

8.) Proactive approach to safety management to be adhered to at all times

9.) Maintaining a clean and tidy site is of the utmost importance.

   10.) All workmen are regularly informed and educated about safety provisions and steps to take when any unfortunate event takes place..

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